F E B R U A R Y E M P T I E S — V O L. 1

February has come, gone and left me with a few empties to show. This is going to become one of my monthly posts that you guys expect to see! Honestly, I’m quite surprised how many products I can use in a month. Hurrah for consumerism! Now lets get into this month’s empties.

Products from left to right:

MAC Fix +

$21 for 100 ml/3.4 fl oz

I am glad to have finally used this bottle up. It lasted for me for almost a year. It’s a pretty good makeup/ skin refresher, but I’ve moved on to other bigger and better things. Repurchase? Probably not, like I said I’ve found a better alternative.

Up & Up Oil Free Makeup Remover

$4-6 (Price varies @ different Target locations) for 5.5 oz

I don’t get why this remover gets bad reviews. If I wasn’t a massive consumer whore, this would be my only holy grail drugstore eye makeup remover. It’s oil free and gets off waterproof mascara with minimal effort. The only drawback is the packaging. It’s a screw cap without any type of stopper for the product to dispense properly without a mess. Target, its time for a revamp on the packaging! Repurchase? Definitely! It’s nice to have a trusty remover
by my side at all times.

Boscia Clear Complexion Tonic with Botanical Blast

$24 for 5 oz

Nice skin refresher on days my skins feeling like the Sahara Desert. As for the complexion clearing benefits, I found this doesn’t do squat. So if you’re looking to purchase this as skin clarifier, I think you would have better luck somewhere else. Repurchase? Nope, they’re are definitely better products out there than this one.

Maybelline Volum’ Express One By One Mascara in Waterproof Blackest Black

$6-8 (Price varies @ different locations) for .31 oz

Why I ever loved this mascara is beyond me. When this first came out I was all over it. Think like a moth to a flame. I pushed it to others because it gave me the volume and definition I loved without any clumps. As I was using my third tube of this, it just doesn’t do it for my anymore. There are better mascaras on the market nowadays and I’m glad to see you go. Repurchase? Nope.

Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Black Drama Mascara in
Waterproof Black Drama

$6-8 (Price varies @ different locations for .27 oz

Good mascara. Super black matte formula and gives pretty decent volume. If you don’t like any clumps then this isn’t for you. The clumps it gave added a nice voluminous effect not like the nasty spidery lashes that creep men out. Repurchase? No, I prefer the flared version better.

Decleor Source D’ Eclat Instant Radiance Moisturizer

This was a sample size product I received from my oh so wonderful mother. Sadly, I think this product has been discontinued because I wasn’t able to locate it on the Decleor site. The moisturizer has a bit of shimmer and a herbal/medicinal scent I’m not particularly fond of, but it was a great moisturizer underneath my makeup. It gave a beautiful natural glow to the skin without being too noticeable. Be careful though! After applying this product make sure to rinse your hands or you’ll be left with two disco ball as hands! Repurchase? I would purchase the full size if it wasn’t discontinued. 

That’s it for this month’s empties! Now on to another month of hoarding…sigh.


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